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Stay Engaged

Stay engaged

Anyone who watched the recent wrestling matches during the Olympics in Rio may have heard in the news a phrase we commonly use in basketball officiating: "stay engaged." 

It wasn't mentioned surrounding a basketball game, so what prompted the media coverage?

The Mongolian wrestler, who was winning near the end of the match, didn't "stay engaged" with his opponent, he celebrated his performance too early alongside his coaches and he ended up losing the Bronze because "He finished the match before the match finished.” He lost on penalties.

So many parallels could be drawn from this extreme example of finishing what you start or as the saying goes "it ain't over til the..." - you can finish the phrase.

However, staying engaged applies to basketball officiating at so many levels...where should I begin?

The obvious example would be to "stay engaged" on plays to the basket (and, that's been taught for quite a while now across all levels of basketball).

Or, one could interpret the phrase to "stay the course" as it’s a long journey to become a successful referee and to accomplish your goals - and, trust me, once you accomplish those goals there is no medal at the finish line (and hopefully, no one strips down in protest like the Mongolian wrestler’s coaches did either!) YOU have to have internal motivation, perseverance and genuinely experience joy around being part of this profession OR the finish line will fade as you try to cross it.

You could elect to interpret the phrase in its collaborative sense. Engaging with others to figure out methods to improve personally or helping others improve their game in a very transparent way.  And this type of engagement, with an attitude that "we are all in this together," will make anyone working in this profession, and ultimately the GAME, better. This takes a sense of vulnerability and a willingness to give up control…and monumental changes often occur when power and control are not the motivators. Genuine leadership abounds…not just from the leader, but the entire group becomes empowered and accountable!

This type of mentality is a MUST in today's environment. And, it's obvious when people are going through the motions to say they are in it together versus being in it together....more on that at the ref-ology Fall workshop....and trust me, we will not strip down like the wrestler's coaches did – but we will learn to how to experience compassion for them!!

Whereas all of the possible ways to interpret this phrase will bring about results, for my purpose, here today, I choose to apply a different meaning to "stay engaged." What if we applied the "Staying Engaged" concept to our personal, and our crew's, presence throughout the game.  What if we employed full attention to WHAT we do WHEN we are doing it.  It's another way of saying ref-Present!  One may declare, "I am VERY present when I referee, how dare you say that."  Or, "My calls are correct so I must be present when I am refereeing – I have high accuracy, it’s all right there in the numbers."

In reality, we are very good at being physically present and excellent at getting calls correct for various reasons, but How mentally present are WE when refereeing throughout an entire game?

And, what about when YOU are not in season, how do you PRACTICE staying engaged and refereeing present when you may not have been on the court for several weeks or even months? 

How honest can we be with ourselves, our peers and our leaders and how much feedback is too much or too little for us - do you know the answer for yourself and can you communicate it openly?

Please share the practices you have employed in your off-season to stay engaged...and if you didn't get an off-season, please share the opposite...what you have done to stay engaged during your games but disengage at times throughout the day or week. It’s equally as important for referees, to establish practices that allow them to disengage for periods of time – so you can stay present during the games you referee.

Remember, outside officials stay engaged on all plays to the basket…and EVERYONE…Stay Engaged and Present throughout the entire game.

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