ref-ology testimonials

“My experience with the ref-ology camp was one that I will never forget. I went in to the camp not knowing what to expect, and left with undoubtedly the best camp experience I've ever had. From the beginning to the end, camp was organized and timely. Everyone on staff, from the clinicians to the guest speakers, was very experienced and knowledgeable about the game of basketball. Shelley runs a well-structured and high-level camp.  Shelley is a person that truly cares about you as a person and wants you to become the best official that you can. She takes the time to work with each person and give them information to make them better, as does all of her staff.  I highly recommend her ref-ology camps and plan on returning to another camp myself.”

Layne B.
Monroe, UT


“My experience at Shelley Russi’s ref-ology camp went above and beyond my expectations.  I felt the camp offered a variety of learning opportunities, as well as on the court experience with immediate, positive and critical feedback.   Shelley made the camp fun, interesting, relaxed and informative. And her staff was A++.  Mostly, I enjoyed how they are all very proud of being "just the ref" :), and how they have the utmost respect for each other and the GAME!  That is something I am excited to be involved with.” 

Making the call-----Beth B.
San Jose, CA


“I have attended several college camps in an effort to improve my officiating skills and abilities. In fact, I met Shelley Russi at a camp where she was a guest clinician. Shelley invited me to her camp and, despite the fact that her camp was further away than any of the camps I had previously attended, I decided to see what "ref-ology" was all about. Shelley and her staff impressed me from the start. Their focus and passion was directed at improving my understanding and officiating IQ. I spent one on one time with her clinicians breaking down my game film. Every single game was attended by two or more clinicians who provided feedback which was immediately helpful and applicable. I can say, without hesitation, that I benefitted more from her camp than any other camp I've attended. To anyone seeking to improve their officiating skills I would recommend attending Shelley Russi's ref-ology camps.”

Dan A.
Salt Lake City, Utah 


"The value of ref-ology select is unparalleled. It has extraordinary talent in terms of clinicians and level of play. ref-ology is a nationally recognized camp, with some of the best basketball minds in the country joining its roster of clinicians. One year, NBA Director of Officials Don Vaden held an impromptu film breakdown session.  It was worth double the camp fee.  Lastly, the atmosphere that Shelley brings to camp is refreshing, authentic, and highly educational."

Ben W.
Spokane, WA


“I have attended the ref-ology camp for several years and I keep coming back. Learning a mindset for how to better understand this art form, we love to call Basketball Officiating, from people who genuinely care, is what you can expect when attending a ref-ology camp. I love meeting like-minded officials willing to help support and encourage each other. I feel Shelley and her crew give their best effort to help me as an individual, on and off the court. I owe a lot of my growth to ref-ology and I look forward to more opportunities to attend!”

Jessee N.
Corning, CA


“I have attended the ref-ology camp for the last three years.  If you want to improve your officiating skills and interact with some of the finest Division I basketball officials on the West Coast, don’t miss the next opportunity to attend a ref-ology camp.  In addition to the great on court officiating experience and classroom instruction, you will be seen by assignors from several college conferences.  You will meet and make friends with other officials.  You can share your experiences with the evaluators and campers in a positive way while working together on the court and when enjoying dinner and a cold drink with them later in the evening.”

Jim S.
Ripon, CA


“I have been attempting to attend Shelley’s ref-ology camp for the past few years and for one reason or another, I just couldn’t make it.  I finally attended this summer (2015) and it exceeded all my expectations.  The speakers and observers were top notch all camp.  All speakers were well prepared and had outstanding topics they discussed.  I couldn't type fast enough as "golden nuggets" were plentiful.  I really liked the video breakdown with the observers and crew.  In general, getting film of all your games is so valuable, then to top it off there is an immediate breakdown with your crew and observer after each game. Wow, that sure does make a difference for the camp and learning.  The evaluation is more in depth and direct to you.  Specific fundamentals/habits in each position can be pointed out that need to be fixed and also validates positive habits that you have in your game.  I could immediately make adjustments for the following game and watch film to validate my attempts.  I can’t express how valuable this piece is to the camp. I would highly recommend ref-ology to any official that is looking to improve.  It is a must attend camp during the summer.”

Jason A.
Vallejo, CA


“ref-ology has helped me polish my game. The instructors are some of the top NCAA officials in our region. The insights, video review and honest feedback helped directly with areas I could improve. The focus on working with partners and trusting the three person system has helped me become a better lead official.  Watching top officials break down plays on video and critique their performance was a learning experience I have not received at any other camp.”

Kraig K.
Redwood City, CA


“Attending ref-ology's Fall Camp was well worth it. Anytime I attend an out-of-state camp I have high expectations because I want the trip to be a valuable use of my time and resources. ref-ology met the expectations I had set. Not only was it a great way to get accustomed to the new NCAA rules for this season and shake off the rust from the summer, but the experience with the staff was excellent. The staff members are the kind of people that want you to succeed and are excited to help and to teach. They are all "for" you as an official, doing whatever they can to help you improve your game. A big "thank you" goes out to Shelley and her entire team for a great camp.” 

Kristen S
Broomfield, CO


"The Select Camp was an outstanding weekend of learning and professional development.  The staff was first rate.  The learning environment was positive, but constructive.  The level of basketball is as high as any camp I have attended.  If you looking to attend a camp that will stimulate you, challenge your abilities and enhance your growth, then ref-ology Select Camp is an outstanding opportunity for you."

Michael T.
Yakima, WA


“Spring ref-ology camp was helpful in that it provided me opportunity to meet Division 1 officials from different conferences and learn about some of the necessary off the court things that are required of officials working that level.”

Britney W.
San Leandro, CA


“ref-ology camp has taught me the attributes of a successful referee.  In my first off-season attending camp, Shelley and her staff of Division I officials shared their great passion and enthusiasm for the game of basketball. I learned the physical and technical components of mechanics and play-calling, the mental aspect of being completely focused and in the moment throughout the game, as well as the importance of having great character on and off the court. Come eager to learn and you will add great tools for success in your life on and off the court.”

David B.
San Leandro, CA  


“ref-ology has been instrumental in assisting me in moving my referee skills forward.  Shelley’s, and her staff, passion and dedication to the game is evident throughout the camp.  And while this is not a "pick-up" camp, assignors are on hand watching the campers work.  It provided me with an opportunity to make a positive impression that led to being higher at the next level.

Kat C.
Castro Valley, CA


"As an official working for 13 years, and having attended dozens and dozens of officiting camps across the western US, I have experienced a wide array of camp styles and personnel. Shelley's ref-ology camps and forums are among the best I've ever attended. I was blown away to have the opportunity to listen to WNBA, NBA, D1 men's and women's clinicians at the same camp, not to mention getting the opportunity to hear from the NBA supervisor of officials. Beyond her excellent clinicians and her own expertise, Shelley Russi is a great person who surrounds herself with great, knowledgeable and caring people who will spend any time necessary to help officials improve their game. There are people who are in it for themselves, and there are people who genuinely care about people and want to help and serve. You'll find the latter at ref-ology camps and with Shelley Russi!"

Chandler C.
Cedar City, Utah


"I truly loved the ref-ology camp this summer.  I had been looking for a different camp that exposed me to different clinicians with different point of views!  The breakdown sessions were good because we were able to discuss honest reasons why we either missed a play or made an incorrect call or no call. Presentations by clinicians gave me a new outlook to officiating at the next level and everything it takes. I definitely will be returning to ref-ology, it just made me so comfortable!" 

Juchell Wardlow
Lake View Terrace, CA